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Fittings for building new cars series 779

Fittings for building new cars series 779

LCC “A.T.O.R.” offers to use services in the field of supply of components for the construction of new cars series 779. In the production process, we use only quality certified materials and the latest technologies. The capabilities of the company allow us to fit new cars in accordance with the standards of comfort and safety.

Possible options:

Scope of delivery

The delivery package for the construction of new 779 series cars includes:

  • 61-779 – compartment car
  • 61-779А – sleeping car
  • 61-779I – a car whith a coupe for transportation of a disabled person
  • 61-779P – couchette car
  • 61-779R – car from the compartment of the brigade
  • 61-779 – car-restaurant
  • 61-7014 – car garage

Set of fire protection of heating pipes

Enclosures are made of stainless steel, equipped with chrome locks and fastening elements. Differ from aesthetic attractiveness and long lifetime;

The set of walls of the car

The kit includes lightweight internal partitions, facing hard-plastics with the use of cellular aluminum filler. The color of materials is selected in agreement with the customer;

A set of carriage ceilings

The set includes lightweight frameless non-flammable ceilings made of sheet material, painted with powder paint. It is possible to manufacture ceiling panels of fiberglass. The color of materials is selected in agreement with the customer;

A set of furniture for the service compartment of a wagon

The kit includes everything necessary for the service compartment: a refrigerator cabinet, a dishwasher, a wardrobe with a stainless steel sink, a comfortable armchair for the conductor.

Set of toilet elements

The set includes: sinks made of fiberglass with mirrors and fittings, stainless steel sinks, fiberglass floors

Set of elements of the corridor

The set includes a set of handrails made of durable stainless steel, coated with powder paint;

A set of interior and exterior doors, which includes:

12 doors for a passenger compartment and a pavilion for the rest of the drivers, equipped with a special mechanism that provides smooth, silent opening and closing, reliable fixing in extreme positions and complete locking;

2 doors of the toilet equipped with an electromobiling lock;

1 fireproof door of passenger compartment with the possibility of fixing in an open position;

2 doors from the vestibule to the carriage (left and right);

Set of facing of side walls

The facade of the side walls is made of high quality fiberglass, the color is selected in agreement with the customer;

A set of furniture for passenger compartments, which includes:

lower and upper sleeping shelves with fixing elements for fixing in extreme positions, covered with heavier fabrics, the color of which is selected in agreement with the customer;

tables with the possibility of automatic fixing in extreme positions;

stairs for upper shelves;

luggage racks;

accessories: handrails, holders for trousers, newspapers, hooks, etc.

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