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For rail transport

For rail transport

LLC “ATOR” offers a wide range of accessories for railway cars and subway cars.

Main activities:

• Completion of passenger cars, diesel trains, electric trains during the construction of new wagons and modernization

• Completion of cabins for locomotive drivers and locomotives;

• Completion of subway cars during modernization;

• Completion of specially equipped body-vans;

• Software development.

Production and supply

We manufacture and supply components for equipping and capital repair of passenger cars, diesel trains, electric trains.

For the railway:

• Lightweight wall and ceiling structures;

• Windows with folding and sliding windows;

• Heating pipe fencing;

• Furniture for office and passenger wagons;

• Panels for various purposes;

• Elements of toilets and corridors;

• Internal and external doors of wagons.

For metro:

• Double-leaf swivel-sliding doors with electric drive;

• Side, end hinged hinged doors with electrical equipment, windows and without;

• Control panels for the doors of subway cars;

• Windows with a sliding window;

• Elements of the interior of the car and driver’s cab.

Developments and technologies

Properly organized production, quality control at all stages and continuous product development allowed the company to gain a reputation as a reliable partner and supplier for large enterprises and government departments. Our company has been cooperating with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for a number of years (fashionable clients need to be remembered).

In the production process we use high-quality materials and proven technologies. We do not stop working on the modernization of the existing range.

Among the patented developments of LLC “ATOR”:

• Interior of the passenger car;

• Ceiling panel of the passenger compartment of the passenger car;

• Rack for a passenger car;

• Table top of the folding table of the railway car;

• Sandwich panel;

• Wall-mounted cabinet for the railway car compartment;

• Wall panel for head restraint cabinets of railway car;

• Shelf-backrest for railway car;

• A sleeping shelf for a railway car;

• Bracket for the sleeping rail of the railway car;

• Folding ladder;

• Wall hanger.

We invite to cooperation

We invite companies of various sizes to cooperate. For our part, we guarantee:

• Unprecedented quality;

• Flexible pricing;

• Transparent terms of cooperation.

Contact us using the numbers on the website.