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IT (Information Technologies) outsourcing is a transfer to a specialized company of fullness or private functions related to information technology, namely:

  • full service and maintenance of IT infrastructure (computing equipment, network equipment, office equipment, etc.);
  • design and development of automated business systems with further continuous improvement and maintenance
  • creation, maintenance and support of web-servers;

Information systems management. IT outsourcing can be divided into three types:

  • professorial (the outsourcer has specialists of a higher professional level than you have);
  • production-technological (the outsourcer has the necessary capacities, both hardware and professional);
  • financial and administrative (the outsourcer can manage active projects to root their implementation and alleviate costs).

IT outsourcing allows the customer company to save costs and significantly reduce the complexity and cost of operating IT systems, concentrating all resources on the main business processes without distracting from the auxiliary.

We offer integrated IT outsourcing services, assuming all the functions of the IT department of the customer.