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Set of environmentally friendly toilet for passenger cars models 61-779, 47K (D)

Set of environmentally friendly toilet for passenger cars models 61-779, 47K (D)

               Eco-friendly toilet complex (EFT) is designed to replace conventional toilets and to improve the quality and comfort of using toilets in trains.  

             The complex is intended for satisfaction of physiological and hygienic needs of personnel and passengers, as well as for hygienic storage of waste until they are removed.

               The toilet is equipped with an automated cleaning and emptying system. Undoubted advantage of the device is a well thought design and application in the product  modern materials order to provide long-term uninterrupted work. EFT is intended for installation on the passenger carriages of locomotive traction of a new structure and on wagons subject to major repairs. 

      Set of the complex:ü  vacuum toilet;ü  tank for accumulation;ü  equipment of the drainage line;ü  vacuum system and tank heating system. 

             The vacuum toilet is designed for collecting, removing and transporting fecal matter from the toilet bowl to the drainage line.  

             The storage tank is designed to collect fecal matter from vacuum containers and transport them to the point of delivery. Capacity of a tank is 300 letres. The drainage line ensures the transportation of the contents of vacuum toilets into a tank-drive.

              Vacuum system with built-in equipment provides the necessary dilution. The tank’s heating system prevents the freezing of waste in the cold season. 

              The toilet complex provides collection of waste when the car is used and the waste from the tank is stored at an ambient temperature from minus 50 C to plus 45 C; remains operational after the car remains in the deposit at a lower limit value of the ambient temperature minus 50 C.

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