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Legal and brokerage services

Legal and brokerage services

The company “ATOR CONSULTING” is a member of LLC “A.TO.R. “. Provides quality legal services to organizations that will help management to better focus on the peculiarities of registration, development and promotion of business in the market. Legal support of the company’s activities is necessary at each stage of its development: initial, medium and large, when the company opens additional offices and branches in Ukraine and foreign countries. Qualitative legal service deprives an entrepreneur of the need to spend time and effort on visiting tax services, clarifying the list of documents necessary for a particular operation, and other procedures without which the legal activity of the organization becomes impossible.

Subscriber service: legal services.

Legal services offered to our companies are very diverse: they can be ordered on an individual basis (lawyer’s advice, preparation of one-time accounts), and complex legal services (long-term legal servicing of the firm, legal examination, etc.). The main legal services of the enterprises are presented in the list of services of the company:

Legal maintenance of the company’s core business. This item includes company registration in the market, urgent action in the event of bankruptcy, as well as business restructuring or complete liquidation. Each of the listed processes is accompanied by the collection of necessary documentation.

Trade relations and partnership agreements. The item includes the provision of legal services to legal entities that are at a certain stage of drafting contracts. Our company, offering legal services to enterprises, develops contracts, contracts, financial and other documents containing the necessary items for the successful implementation of the agreement or the establishment of partnerships.

Settlement of court and peaceful disputes. Legal services for legal entities provide for the settlement of conflict situations on a legal basis: client protection in court, business support during tax and sanitary inspections, negotiation with conflicting parties and appeal of convictions.

Legal support of firms also provides for the settlement of tax and customs control problems.

Legal maintenance of companies is also in the decision of issues related to real estate.

Professional legal customer service will help to avoid virtually any troubles in the enterprise. “ATOR CONSULTING” company offers favorable conditions for legal support of legal entities, which will be useful for customers at all stages of business development.

Legal service companies – a service that is simply irreplaceable in the world of modern business.

Tax audit

An audit of tax accounting is in high demand by large well-known companies, whose business is not limited to one specialization, but is developing in adjacent or completely different directions. Among owners of small and medium-sized businesses, an audit of tax declarations is more needed to optimize the system of regular tax deductions. Our organization offers a tax audit of an enterprise with any specificity – the list of basic services includes the following:

Diagnosis of the financial system of the organization.

Consultations on issues related to tax deductions. Usually such consultations are conducted before the beginning of cooperation.

General overview of accounting and tax reporting.

Conducting separate audit procedures.

Restructuring of business according to international standards.

Also, ATOR CONSULTING company also provides a number of additional aspects that are discussed with the customer individually.


Customs of Ukraine. Customs clearance.

If you want to cross borders without difficulty, and to calculate customs payments is the first thing to do. Our company offers the following services:

Legal advice. The firm provides oral and written advice on the Ukrainian legislation on tax and customs matters. The issue of calculating customs duties is also included in the consulting services of the company.

Registration of foreign investments. We help with registration in Ukraine, we collect and process all necessary papers.

Accompanying registration of loans.

The customs value is not always pockety carriers, so many have to issue loans in banks. We help to carry out this procedure legally and with minimal difficulty.

Outsourcing of accounting.

Our company offers to clients the services of outsourcing accounting. All the work of the team in our organization is focused on ensuring the perfect coherent operation of the customer’s business and expert accounting, outsourcing. Accounting outsourcing services include the following stages of work:

Preparation of accounting documentation. All reporting by the client organization is based on the data provided by the chief accountant.

Maintain accounting accounting. Outsourcing of the company’s accounting department is based on the primary documentation provided by the company, or based on the data developed by our organization.

Services of the customs broker – utility and warranty.

To date, the legal services market provides legal assistance to large companies, which implies the conclusion of a permanent contract, and one-time consultations for small firms or individuals. A customs broker provides services that are clearly useful to most companies or citizens. Having accumulated experience, our firm will take responsibility for solving any client problem, whether it is obtaining certificates for goods or drawing up cargo transportation. We will solve all problems at the highest level of quality and with maximum efficiency. The extensive experience of working with state agencies of our agents and constant awareness of all innovations and events at the customs office, allows us to confidently offer our services, the quality of which we can guarantee without any doubt.

Customs brokerage services – a full range of customs, brokerage, forwarding and other necessary cargo and insurance services.

We will professionally prepare the necessary documents, excluding the smallest possibility of problems with customs from our client. Specialists of our company will quickly and qualitatively complete all customs documents, and full support of the cargo, guarantee of its preservation and timely delivery will be provided by our agents. Services of a customs broker will be your confidence in solving problem situations at all stages of cargo handling!