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Sanitary module

Sanitary module

An important component of improving the comfort level of the Passenger Car is to improve the sanitary and personal services for passengers. The solution of this task is the project of developing a sanitary-hygienic module for the car.
The module is installed in passenger carriages of trains of locomotive traction, diesel and electric trains in order to ensure the sanitary and hygienic conditions of the stay of passengers and train crews during the trip, as well as environmental protection of the environment.
The module is designed to receive and remove by means of intensive dosed flushing with water the waste of human life in the storage tank and create the necessary comfort conditions.
The module is supplied with electricity and water from the sources of the car.
The equipment of the module provides automatic control of the flush preparation system, lighting, module ventilation and heating of the storage tank and pipes, as well as the issuance of light signals about the functional state of the electrical equipment.
Using the diagnostic module installed in the control panel, it is possible to perform diagnostics in various operating modes of the toilet system equipment.
Modern interior design of the sanitary module, color solutions, lighting solutions, quality sanitary fittings create the most comfortable conditions for passengers.
The module is able to take up to 20 people for one hour of the trip.
The service life of the sanitary module is 40 years.

Description of the sanitary module design.
Structurally the module body consists of fiberglass panels, floor, metal ceiling and aluminum sliding door.
The module is completed with:
– vacuum toilet unit;
– drain tank;
– power supply unit;
– the compressed air supply unit;
– indicating devices;
– toilet fittings.

The main parameters of the electrical equipment of the module:
– power supply voltage of equipment, V
– electric network of direct current 24 V – from 18 to 30;
– 110 kV DC electric network – from 85 to 150;
– power consumption at a nominal supply voltage of 110 V, kW, not more than:
– heating of storage tank and pipes (at -40 ° C) – 2.0;
– sockets for electric shavers – 0.035;
– compressor installation -1,5;
– power consumption at a nominal supply voltage of 24 V, kW, not more than:
– control circuits of the toilet, alarm and lighting module – 0,15.

The electrical equipment of the module:
– electrical equipment installed in the module;
– electrical equipment installed in the car;
– electric equipment under the car.

List of electrical equipment installed in the module:
– switchboard;
– the toilet module;
– Console call;
– volume control electronic;
– Flush unit;
– presence detector;
– the device of scoring;
– temperature sensor;
– Electrically ventilated air heaters;
– LED spotlights;
– LED lines;
– ceiling fan;
– converter for razors;
– toilet service limit switch;
– connector for connection to the wagon electrical equipment.

List of electrical equipment installed in the car:
– Console of the conductor;
– indicator of toilet occupancy;
– compressor plant with a voltage converter.

The list of electrical equipment undercarriage:
– storage tank with level and temperature sensors and a heating element;
– heating system of pipes;
– tank filling indicators 80%.

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