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Web development

Web development

WEB-development is one of the directions of activity of LLC ” ATO.R. “Using our life experience and professional knowledge in the field of web coding and programming, design and marketing, our developers will create a site of any complexity with the use of modern languages ​​and technologies such as Java, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS and HTML5, or ready-made CMS. Our specialists quickly, and qualitatively, will develop the site, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the customers.

To date, there are several stages of developing a website:

  • site design (technical assignment)
  • site design
  • programming
  • HTML layout

Website Designing:

It is important to immediately note that the stages of designing websites depend on many factors, such as the size of the site, functionality, tasks to be performed by the future resource, and more.

Site design:

We will create a modern site with a unique design and convenient functions that will emphasize and highlight you among your competitive environment.


Programming is one of the most important and complex parts, because – this is the stage at which the design, interface and control system are designed to be integrated into one. At this stage, the logic of the user’s work with the website is implemented, and all necessary interactions with other programs, sites and services are established. Programming of sites can take from several days to several months. During this time, components and modules can be tested, debugged and tuned multiple times.

HTML layout:

HTML layout in the simplest sense is the process of transforming a designer’s work into a webpage that is displayed in a browser. The process is complex and has a creative foundation. Although the designer’s job is hidden from the eyes, it provides uninterrupted work on various devices and browsers, as well as the speed of downloading each page of the site.

Based on our experience and knowledge of the market, we can say with certainty what will work and what does not.

Our specialists will create a flexible and at the same time a simple interface that will become an effective tool for your business!